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Hello out there in internet-land, this is the Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap wiki where we chronicle the chronicles of our heroes' gastronomical misadventures.

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Episode 137 - The Joy Tonic Show

As we waited in line at the local Co-Op, we noticed something new - Joy Tonic! How could we resist? So in addition to the usual motley assortment of food, we have this little herbal item as well.

So there's that. There is also more from Knorr, fine chocolates, Cosmo mixer, beer, and quinoa. Yes, quinoa.

All that and more, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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You know what does not vary from day to day?[edit | edit source]

Episode 225 - Return to Estonia
Episode 225/Segue 1
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