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Episode 142 - The Extra Husband Episode

UPDATE: Ok the tapping is still in this episode, but I figured out what it is, and will have it fixed by next week.

This week, Ursula discovered her grandmother had a husband she wasn't aware of. Frankly, this is no longer unusual, as Ursula's grandmother had an interesting life, and these things happen.

We also eat things, including a new (to us) quinoa chip, something called a sweet onion chip, and a noodle bowl we can't actually read. There is also beer and cider, a beagle and cats, and all the things you love..., and only here, when We Eat It, So You Don't Have To!

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You know what else provides lubricant?Edit

Episode 217 - The Innsmouth Soup
Episode 217/Segue 2
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